i need some advice from those of you who have a fair amount of experience with amps and tones. i'm purchasing a new amp soon and have a couple of ideas, but i dont want to make the mistake (again) of buying an amp that doesn't suit my style of play. I have:
Fender American Strat, noiseless pickups in the neck/mid, a seymour duncan humbucker in the bridge. I currently play through a Fender Hot-Rod Deluxe. The clean channel on that amp sounds great, but I can not get the type of distorted tone that I want. I play rock, punk, a LITTLE metal, ska, jazz, and funk. My band plays small/medium venues and we have our own sound system which I'll be miked through, so I'll probably just be getting a combo amp, but one of the best and most versatile. I've been reading a lot of reviews of Mesa/Boogie combos (mainly the 50 and 100 watt ones) and lots of people seem to be very satisfied with these amps. I want sparkling clean tone and a versatile distorted channel for mainly rhythm playing... I have to be a solid presence amongst the six other members of my band (horns, keyboards, etc). Any advice would be much appreciated

Let me just add one thing- a few shows ago I played on a friend's Crate GLX (120 watt solid-state amp with lots of effects) going through a Mesa 4x12 cab and it was exactly the tone I was going for. Roaring distortion even with the gain not high, the tone was sensitive to my dynamics, it was full and wide, and the clean was pristine. So again- I'd like to reproduce this tone and sensitivity without spending $2,000... would a Mesa combo do this for me or was the amazing tone more due to the fact that I was playing through a Mesa cab? Thanks
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^ how much cash do you have? enough for the f-series? EDIT: what's the duncan humbucker?
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