This isn't a thread from me; it's from Jeff aka Sonixon but his browser is fucking up so he's asking me to psot this for him

I just got a new guitar, a Godin LG EMG last week, and so far it was holding up strong. But I noticed the tone pot was a little loose so i took the knob off and tightened it, and i think I may have frigged with it somehow. When I plug in and play, the tone pot doesnt seem to do anything at all, and my tone is a little try, like it's stuck on 0.

I opened up the back and noticed that the tone put only has one wire connected to it that leads to the volume pot. Is this normal? The guitar has active EMG's, with one volume pot and one tone pot. Shoulnd't the tone have two wires coming from it? There's also this green square thingy that may be a capacitor or a resistor or something, i have no idea how these things work really... and there are wires coming from either end of it, one leads to the volume pot, the other isnt connected to anything. The small green sqaure it about the size of a dime if it were square, and is forest green. I would include pictures but my computer is too screwed to upload anything.

Can anyone help me with this? tell me if anything is screwy? at all?
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The tone pot should be connected to the volume pot with one (black) wire and the green capacitor through its two terminals.

The ZW set instruction file gives the wiring schematics for any EMG combo, I'm sure you'll find an exact pic of that Godin's guts in it. Print it out for reference.

edit: Diagram 4 is the one you're looking for, I'm almost certain.
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My tones don't even work on my guitar, I got two tones and they don't make that big change you hear other guitarist telling you about. I'm sure theres something wrong with mine.
ok Jeff can you isolate which wire is loose. there should be one wire coming from your input jack going straight onto the lug of your pot...which it seems like that would be the problem i hope that explains it