Anyone listen to Lupes album yet? If you are at least a slight fan of rap, listen to Food and Liquor. The production is pretty sweet and there's a lot of good tracks on there, my fav's being Kick Push II, Daydreamin, The Cool, The Instrumental, American Terrorist and He Say, She Say.

Opinions? Fav tracks?
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I love Kick, Push to death. Have to check out his other stuff.

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he's pretty incredible, although the music on the album could be a lot better. i wish kanye had produced the whole thing. really though he's asolutely great, but needs to have better hooks. the rhymes are the best though. i gotcha's been in my head for like a month.
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He's an absolutely dope emcee, even though his style is very similar to that of mr. West. Kick, Push is brilliant, a great example of story-telling style rap.
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I've listened to his album a few times, it's enjoyable, probably one of the best in a while.
Faves are Kick Push & The Instrumental.

I'll probably listen to it next, after this Raekwon album.
Lupe is great. A friend of mine gave me a CD with the new Roots album and a few Lupe tracks on the end. I really dig it. I may have to pick up the whole thing.
My bro won't shut up about how awesome this guy is so I'll probably end up downloading the album sometime today. If it's as good as everyone says then I'm reallly in for a treat here.
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