can anyone give me some basic info on these things?

how much they are?
how to connect them to your amp?
how much tone they lose?
are they worth it?
where to buy them?

etc etc,

i have got my dsl and i love it but i am honestly scared to play it past volume 4 and i dont want to damage my hearing. It seems a shame to not use the amp to its full potential, even at gigs i dont think i will need it past volume 5. i didnt realise it'd be quite as loud as it is!!

so are there any cheap attenuators which work well, are cheap and easy to connect without taking my amp apart?

thanks guys
You'll probably find that there isn't much more to the amp above five anyway as sound levels (decibels) increase with the log of wattage (roughly), so at half your wattage, you're at about 96% of the total volume anyway.

And don't worry about blowing it out. It's designed to go to 10, and in fact most amps perform better at full volume.

If you really want a handle on the excessive volume, you might rent a volume pedal and see how you like it. Surely there's a rental place around. Fork over the $15 bucks for a day of screwing around with it, if you're disappointed you're only out the $15. If not, it's only $15.

Also about tone, tone is not a quantity as in "how much tone will you lose?" Tone is a subjective term for how good the guitar sounds to you. In general, though, the guitar (any guitar) will sound cleaner, clearer and technically "better" (in classical terms) with fewer distortions in the line. Even an amp is distorting the signal, it's increasing the amplitude.

So play around. Personally I've never had the problem you're describing as I've never found an amp that is loud enough.

As for damaging your hearing, yes you probably will, but the kind of damage you will do is pattycakes to the damage a band like Metallica must have done. They can still hear, right?

So don't worry. You will probably have some ringing in the ears and may need hearing aids when you reach about 60 years of age, but then most people do anyway.

Live it up, crank it up, and drink good beer!!
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^ well i also live in a semi detched house and even tho my neighbors are nice people they work night shifts and i dont want to irritate them too much!

how do the volume pedals work in the sense of keepin the drive of a cranked amp? surely theyre just as bad as knockin off the volume on the guitar?

as for damagin my hearing, id prefer not to do any damage because music is where my life is going and i dont want to be stone deaf by the age of 30

as for beer, i live in england, we have boddingtons!
volume pedals essentially do the same thing as the volume knob on your guitar.

why not wait till yoru neighbors leave for work. put in some ear plugs, and rock out.
^Not if you get good ones, they keep the quality of the sound but just make it quieter so your hearing isn't damaged, but they do slightly affect the sound.
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^ thats what i have been told too but it must ruin the sound a little bit

i was lookin in to gettin some good ones for gigging anyway.... so how can you tell the quality of an earplug without testing it?

does anyone know of any sites which have good ones?