These guys sent me a friend request on myspace. They're pretty cool, I thought maybe you guys would like them.


I thought there was a thread on these guys already? Maybe not.

Anyway. Yea they are really good. I found them through myspace as well. Very solid folk metal.
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I love the fact that there's something like 35 members and they basically record all their riffs and whatnot individually. From what I've heard from them they sound pretty good.
^Yeah, it says on their myspace:

Many a new musician has joined FOLKEARTH for the completion of the second album,rising thee total line-up to 31 musicians from 8 countries!!!

That's gotta be a hassle though, organizing 31 people.
These guys fucking kick my ass. I just picked up By the Sword of my Father recently too.
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Awesome band

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awesome band

Amazing. Those posts were nearly identical...
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Yeah, I think there's a thread on them somewhere. Like I said, great band, I've met one of the masterminds behind the project on several occasions.