I plan on doing all my finger exercises and drills, chord progressions, scales on my acoustic. Just so it seems easier on the electric when I try it.

But heres the thing, my electric guitar's neck feels different.

Would it be just better to move on the electric permanently ? What do you guys think ?
well, I usually write songs on an acoustic (or two - with my friend), and than pass to electric!
So use both!
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well, if you want to take up one guitar permanitly choose the one you want, if you want t learn song taht are played high on the neck, it's hard to do it on the acoustic so, electric if tahts what your gunna do, if you just want to do chords and scales like you said, acoustic. hope that answered your question if not, keep posting here.
it feels different because the action on your electric is lower. that's why it's easier to do bar chords, easier to bend, and easier to do most things.
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So obviously if i practice my chords (oooh especially barre chords... damn them bitches) and scales my fingers would feel weightless after I start learning my new songs on the electric.
I switch up a lot between electric and acoustic when I'm practicing. Some songs I just can't play right on acoustic, like solos with lots of bends or higher notes, but if it's lower down on the fretboard and possible with the higher action, I don't really have much of a preference between the two. However, I did start on acoustic, which I think helped me get strong fingers.
play both and forget anything that T4Z posted... be well rounded on both electic and acoustic.. it'll help you become a better musician..
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Dont neglect what anyone said...if all you want to play is distorted guitar and dont give a **** about cleans/acoustic then just practice on electric. However if you do actually care then follow what ryknow157 said.