ok..sry this isnt technically about bass.....its more of about tabs

ive been transferring the sound "the hall of the mountain king" cover by apocalyptica
to make it fit my 5 strings (BEADG) rather than their tabs of CFCFAD (they dont use the bottom string...so i guess thats good for me )

and i rerote them on paper. but my handwriting isnt exactly great
so i was thinkin about making a guitar pro tab from scratch and put in my new tabs there

is there any way i can copy the rhythm of the original guitar pro tab and transfer it to the 1 im gunna make for my bass?
im not very good at puttin a smooth rhythem on guitar pro...it always becomes choppy in transformation to the next bar
learn sheet music, not only you'll be able to tab your songs with perfect rytm, you will also be a different person, a person who reads sheet music, not some poser who gets tabs out of the internet and thinks he plays sheet music
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For The Ability to write lyrics and sing better, and play guitar better of course.

And Chuck some hot chicks in aswell...

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i dont think i can read sheet music...cuz i know i cant
its confusing as hell wen we play it in guitar class

but i just wanna learn this song and i dont wanna worry about picking the part out of the song and playing the rhythm...

...i just want tips on how to work guitar pro to of how i want it to work.
In guitar pro, just click on the bass thing and then change the settings thingy to a 5 stringed bass and click "ok" or whatever it says.. then it will ask if u wanna change the tab or something like that and then you click yes, and it's done...
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