my custon guitar projet is becoming less of a "fun thing to do in my spare time" and more of somthing that I actualy want to do. i got a neck for really cheap and almost all the electronics i need. What I need is a wireing diagram. i have 6 single pickups and i wanted to put 2 of them right next to each other, to hopfully get the sound of a humbucker. so basicaly id have 3 humbuckers and a 5 way switch (1. top; 2. top2 ;3. middle; 4.bottom 2; 5. bottom) no vol. or tone controls, and I'd like to have a killswitch. First, is this possable? Second, if so i need all the help i can get. lastly i was thinking about makeing a pickgaurd out of scrap metal, possable?

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The scrap metal idea for the pickguard would work, but you would have to make sure the metal isn't to thick and you would have to shield all your electronics. (The metal could mess with your electronics easily.)

The wiring design sounds pretty adventerous. I'm not sure if the 2 single pups put right next to eachother would give you the same tone as a humbucker. And why no tone or volume? I can understand the tone, but no volume? Seems wierd to me.
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Unless 3 of the pickups are RW, you won't get them to sound like a normal humbucker
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^yea 3 have to be reverse wound so they actually cancel hum, otherwise they wont buck anything.

this is going to be wired just like a 3 seperate coil tapping humbuckers on a 5 way switch, maby conciter a rotary switch and wire it like bb king's black beauty, it would give you a ton of options.
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