Me and my friends started ska band called "Not Quite Trendy" after ska not being the most trendy gerne anymore but anyway...

We have a tenor Sax, Trombone and trumpet as our horn section. I have a couple of licks on guitar that would make good horn parts but how would I convert them to the key signature the horn section is in. Do I need to move my notes 2 steps up? Its a pain waiting ten mins for our horn section to emulate my guitar sound by ear when we can write down the notes and make it that much faster.

I think the tenor Sax, Trumpet and Trombone are all in Bb key if that helps...

Sry for being a noob
For sax and trumpet i know it's one step up. Not sure what key the trombone is in.

*edit: Here's an easy way to find out. At your next band practice, have your tenor or trumpet play a C. Then have your trombonist, starting at Bb, go up the scale until his note is the two pitches are the same. That note is the trombonists Bb, so just see how many notes that is above Bb and voila. I hope that wasn't too confusing.
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Trombone is in the same key. Trombone is a C instrument. Tell him the note you're playing and it will be the same. Trumpet is in Bb, I'm not sure what Tenor is though. Okay, so the way it should work would be that, when they play a Bb they are playing a C. So its 1 whole step down. If you want them to play a D, you will have to tell them C.

The Bb scale goes like this (This is a major scale, I'm just showing you how they match up.)

C- D- E- F- G-A-B-C <this is the key of C

Edit: Remember these arent the only keys you guys can play in
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