Hi, I wrote this song a couple days ago and wanted to know what u guys think. It is about a guy who is in love with a girl but knows he can never have her, yet continues trying to get closer to her. I took some time already revising this one, but i need some crits on what you all think. Also, like my other song, i need help determining what the chorus should be, or if i need to write one. Share any thoughts u have. THX.

Killing Me Inside (Distraught)

My heart beats for you, but
My heart tears just a little deeper
Every time
The sight of you is what pushes me towards the end of the day, but
The sight of you is what?s slowly ripping me apart
I am distraught
This love for you is killing me inside but
I push that thought away
Just so I can live to the next day
I know that one day this will catch up to me
And stab me in back
But I will press on, if it lets me see your face
Just one last time
I know we will never be, but
Knowing I can?t have you makes me want you even more
Which leads me to ask, while I look through the glass
At a reflection of my torn and tattered self
What kind of man am I to embrace what destroys my soul?
What must I be to rip out my own heart and leave an empty hole?
Can I be considered sane?
I am distraught
well, first off there doesnt seem to be a very good flow,having your shortest line followed by your longest doesnt work well.Also I think theres too many "I"s here. comes off as kinda needy. as a song there is no rhythm here to tap your foot too that I can find anyway. maybe a little rhyme would help too. Id rewrite this keeping the same idea though. My latest is "Fly High" your crits appreciated.
im still trying to figure out what should be the chorus actually, or if i just need to write one.

I dunno, maybe i will keep it as an all in 1 song.