Hey there.

I'm looking forward to getting a cool guitar for my 18th this December, and personally I would really really really like a Jackson coz well, Randy Rhoads is my HERO ( R.I.P).
Also I hear Alexi Laiho used it for a while so ye.

Due to the **** country I live in ( South Africa ) , only a few Jackson models are available, primarily being the JS20 Dinky? and the JS30RR Rhoads?.

I have read the "Electric Guitar: the 10 commandments." post and because I don't have enough money just to throw around if the guitar I pick turns out to be a **** one, I created this thread for additional help.

Firstly, I'll be selling my Epiphone Les Paul Goth ( my very first guitar..*sob sob* ) and my super crappy Stagg X300. Just wondering if this is a good choice or not?

Also, since im into thrash metal as well as the "classical" approach to licks and soloing , coz of my randy Influence, is it a good idea to get a Jackson?
I mean, will it be better to get another guitar WITHIN THE SAME price range instead?

And lastly , If I had to choose between the JS20 Dinky? and the JS30RR Rhoads? , which one should I go for?

I mean the JS20 has a tremelo and the RR doesnt. But the overall shape of the RR just looks freaking wicked!

So ye, your help would BE GREATLY appreciate guys, thx alot!!

Oh ye, for specifications or whaterever:




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The trem on the JS20 will suck and if will lose tuning all of the time so I'd get hte rhoads.
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The Rhoads, although it's a bitch to play sitting down.

Shouldn't be too hard if you put the lower point between your legs and the upper one over a leg. True, it would still be better standing with a strap but it still shouldn't be too bad sitting.
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i had a js30rr a year or two ago.......and for the price its not a bad axe...you should be happy with it