Im a noob thats been practicing a song for a while that has alot of bends around the 12th fret. I've notice some considerable wear on the frets there now. Is this normal? At this rate they won't last long I wouldn't think. Is there anything that can be done when they get real bad, or is it not worth it for a $250 guitar?

here is a pic.:
for a $250 guitar it's not worth getting it refretted. But for expensive guitars, you can have a guitar guy refret it for a couple hundred dollars.
you can actually replace them yourself if you want, wouldnt pay someone to do it at that level though
A) wrong forum to talk about frets

B) I had the same problem on my acoustic, you've just gotta bite the bullet and accept it, or pay for a +/- $100 fret job. What kind of guitar is it? If the frets develop mini "barbs" and it cuts the strings, you can get some iron wool and file em out carefully without hurting the wood. Thats what I did, and then I stopped bending so much. Good Luck.

C) Good photo, looks professional. Just give up the guitar now and join national geographic
they don't look too worn out

unless every guitar I've ever owned is worn out and came similar.
those frets are still new!! not worn hardly at all, when it starts buzzing then you refret dont worry untill then, and for a refret you're going to have to drop around 100 bucks, if you take them out yourself (see GB+C FORUM) you can problably save around 30 bucks, totally worth it imo because you are only paying for them to put the frets in.
thanks for the replies. I won't worry about it. I'll just buy something else when the time comes or I will try replacement myself. I am a machinist so working with hands ect is right up my alley.