Contact the company Stewart-MacDonald. They sell every accessory and device known to guitarists. The phone number is 800-848-2273. Tell them you want a catalouge send to you. Their website is www.stewmac.com

I'd also check ebay and on here the other day I saw someone was selling a Floyd Rose.
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I would definitely advise against the floyd rose... it is a major pain in the ass... especially if you use high gauge strings.... the bridge will literally sit up out of the guitar... also drop C tuning is pretty much out of the question and drop D kinda throws things out of whack a little... they're kinda fun... but not something i'd go looking for. i dont really think they are worth the hassle
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as long as you adjust the spring claw to balance tension with the strings, you can make it work fine in any tuning. You just have to know how to set them up.
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I put one of my guitars in drop D all of the time and it never messes it up. You just have to make more adjustments and spend more time working on your guitar than like a tune-o-matic bridge where you tune and play, on a Floyd Rose you unlock the nut, tune, retune, retune, retune, lock the nut, and fine tune.
Stock Gibson Pickups from a 2005 V, I think they're a 498T and 500T set FS/FT
Duncan Distortion (regular spaced) FS

Looking for: an acoustic, recording gear, or $
roses are yeah as mastag sed are a pain in the ass a bit the bridge makes palm muting hard if your not experienced and re-stringing them is like gay lol but the S@I& you can get out of a rose is F^%$ing Unbelieveable
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How long does a floyd rose stay in tune for?

Depends on the conditions.

Say you have one properly set up, play it one day, and then leave it in it's case for a week, and then pull it out again, it should be fine. Provided you aren't moving around with the case.

However if you're constantly on the run, or if you change tunings, then it's not gonna be so great.

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If your strings are brand new, no. Itll take a week or two for it to stop it from going out of tune when you use whammy bar. After that, no it shouldnt. All this assuming you have locking nut or something.
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But like will it stay in tune if I do a lot of whammy bar antics?

That's the point of a Floyd, it will be fine doing whammy shit.
I feel stupid for asking so many questions. Thanks everyone for helping me out. How is palm muting on a floyd rose difficult? I plan to test it out myself when the new guitar center by me opens but that will be in about a month.