This is just me jamming over the Reba jam, I think I can do a pretty mean Trey.... the tone isn't the exact same, but this is the Reba from 12/31/95.

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you do an OK trey. its not loud enough, with special note to the backingtrack. good job tho i liked it your a pretty good player!
its about damn time we had some phish covers on here, i have that album too...i like the tone, you do sound like trey, i like it, it sounds good, i dont know how to really crit it since it is improved, but nive improving, that is something i have been trying to grasp, but not too successfully...but anyways...someone on your budy list sign on at about 2:28? ha...anyways good job, i like it

i dont have anything for you to crit, but i will pm you when i do
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Guys, I'm in need of desperate help, it's been like 2 weeks since my last dump. I can't get there anymore

wow, good luck

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nice guitar man...that some good improve, your guitar work is quite impressive actually. it really has a cool vibe to it. kind of a layed back feeling, or a mellow feeling...anyways good guitar playing and keep it up man ur gonna be good.

so... im kinda working on my singing at the moment and im so kindly asking you if you can tell me if you liked my voice or not.

crit it man, dont worry about being too harsh. but i must say that i have only been singing for a couple of weeks so take that in mind.

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