How does that guy do it. I know how to sound harmonics fine but they just don't scream like his. ANY tips would be appreciated, thanks
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Work on the vibrato.
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Quote by HavokStrife
Work on the vibrato.

thats right, the vibrato actually halps the harmonics a lot. it seems counterintuitive to the nature of the harmonics but its absolutely necessary
Zaak uses TONS of pinch harmonics. Train yourself how to manipulate them properly and you'll be on the right track.
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Quote by deahhizooke
the louder the better, and are you doing natural harmonics or pich harmonics?

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it's also got alot to do with how much gain you're using on your amp when you play
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I actually learned a neat trick to get KILLER pinch harmonics, every time. Contact me if you wanna know, it's too complicated to post here.