I've wired this up and I'm getting a lot of hum which makes me think somethings wired wrong.

Also, if It's an on/off/on DPDT shouldn't the middle position be silence like a kill switch? when it's in the middle there's a bunch of hum and you can very faintly hear the guitar when it's strummed.

Any help would be great thanks
Did you go back and check your joints? Make sure the solder is shiny, not dull or waxy looking. Is your cable making solid contact in your input jack? I assume you followed the switch wiring from the Seymour Duncan instructions.
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Does the hum stop if you touch the strings? It's a grounding problem then. Otherwise it might just be RF interference
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the hum doesn't changeat all when I touch the strings but it does die down a lot when I touch the metal input plate (strat style). could that still be a grounding problem?

But the hum does stop when I turn the tone pot all the way down. I used brand new pots on it though so it's not a problem with them.

Also, when the switch is put it the middle position the hum increases a lot. It's on/off/on so I was trying to get the middle position to be kill.

So how do I figure this out? What should I check? Can i check the joints with a meter? if so how
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