I've been struggling to write a song for ages and this is very much work in progress. The bass, drums and second guitar are very simple at the minute but I will probably do a bit more with them.
It's a simple acoustic song but I hope to expand beyond acoustic at some point.
Enjoy and crit for crit!

EDIT: I added so much more, I think that is basically it finished minus a few tweaks.
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Sounds good. I don't have GP5 (can't decide whether to cough up the $50 for it or not) so I had to listen to the MIDI, so sorry if I sound a little vague. I thought the drums were a little awkward. I think it would sound a lot better throughout if you had just a simple drum beat going, not anything complicated, like so:
Other than that, I liked the solo part close to the end. The solo went with the music very well most of the time (there were a few exceptions, but I don't remember where.) The song as a whole took a while to grow on be, but it's cool. Nice work, and thanks for the crit.
It's nice atmospheric music. Sounds a little meandering especially at first. There is no one point where the groove really kicks in. You've gotta show the listener not to take the melody for granted. That could mean stopping the song and doing a pickslide or harmonics + whammy bar , whatever, I'd reccomend something besides picking notes on the guitar cause you do that the rest of the song. Anyway those drops kick people in the ass and remind them what's going on.

It also seems like it could use a few bars which stay on one chord to break out of the riding on the waves kind of feel of constant chord changes. That'd add tension which you can resolve with the main melody.

While I was typing it repeated and I didn't even notice it ending or beginning. A change to a part which "feels" like a different song would help that. I mean a shift to a dark part or a part which drones notes a lot.
this is amazing
do you mind if i save it to my computer for when i do homework?

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Oh and outlining a chord has to be done right. Straight eighth notes makes for a flat piece. Don't take this to mean it's bad, cause it's good.
Thanks for the comments. Both positive and negative, both are welcome
Billy_Talented, go ahead, glad you like it.