Their single "Tanis" is very catchy.

I've been looking around and there are no reviews or tabs for this band.

I suggest downloading some of their songs, i bought the cd a couple days ago and every song was awesome.
Wow. I can't believe that no one here has ever heard of Lynam. This band is amazing. It's a shame that bands like Lynam don't become huge. Everyone go buy their cd, "Slave to the Machine".
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Does anyone know what gear this band uses?
I know Jacob Lynam uses like a glitter green Strat, but is it a Fender, or another brand?
And I think they use Mesa's?
Anyone know specifically what?
I'm pretty good friends w/ Jacob and David. I know David uses a Tama 5 shell kit and i THINK Sabian cymbals. Jacob plays an American Fender Stratocaster. As far as the color he took it to a company that paints bass boats and had it custom painted that color. Jacob and Mark both use Mesa Boogie amps.

For all of the fans, could you guys please start a profile on Rockband.com and go to request song at the bottom and request "Tanis" that would be a killer song for that game!
I made an intro tab for Tanis. It hasn't gotten on yet, though.

I love these guys.
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I know Jacob fairly well. Hes currently playing a custom tele that someone made for him. The strat he uses is a Fender American that was painted by a company that paints bass boats(as stated above). Jacob plays through a Mesa Triple Rectifier. If you havent checked out lynam you should definitely get their cds. I have all of them and they all rock. Slave to the Machine is the heaviest of them all. To me they sound kind of like a heavier LA Guns. They deserve to be the most famous band out there because they definitely have the talent, but they came after their time. Rock ON LYNAM!!!