Yes I know there was a topic on him before, but that was months ago and it only got 2 posts.

Now, who here likes his stuff?

I saw him this year on his farewell tour and I thought he was fantastic. Did go on a bit mind, but you cant blame him, he had plenty of material to get through heh

My favourite songs are:

Road To Hell (Part 1 & 2)
On The Beach
I Can Hear Your Heartbeat
Lets Dance

All classic songs that really make me smile and keep me happy
Goddamn, would've loved to see him on his farewell tour but all the tickets for venues I could actually get to were sold out...

Anywho, yeah, this man is great. Love his music, his voice and he's a damn good slide player.

The songs you mentioned are more rock based, although they are bloody good. For this forum, I'd personally reccomend either 'Dancing Down The Stony Road' or '5 Blue Guitars'. Great albums which really shows off his rededication to the blues.
I've always loved his music as he's one of the artists my parents (mainly my mum) played a lot in the early-mid 90s, so it was played quite often through my childhood, but these days we don't listen to him that often and don't know how much I'd appreciate him anymore. 'Road to hell' will always been an absolute classic though.
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he's one of the artists my parents (mainly my mum) played a lot in the early-mid 90s.

Same, my dads a huge Chris Rea fan (Along with Micheal bolton wtf)

I cant say ive heard that much stuff though, might dig out a few albums.
Tears in waves, minds on fire
Nights alone by your side
Cool cool.

I went with my dad to see him, and we like booked the tickets something like a year in advance...
I love God's Great Banana Skin, and Nothing to Fear. The latter heavily influenced, and still does, most of my slide guitar playing. Love it, love it.
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