I was cleaning out the attic at my dads house and found an old Ibanez. Ive looked all over to find out what exactly it is. Even took it to a few music shops and only one guy was old enough to know what if might be. He said it looked a lot like an old Ibanez S series he used to sell in the late 60s/ early 70s because of the logo on the headstock, the burst finish and the hardware color. You guys got any ideas? Heres links to pics:

it looks like an old SZ serious, i bet it sounds awesome =D definitly a keeper

EDIT: serious?? i meant series... =S
oh well i didnt know, the body is just kinda SZ-y, maybe thats what the SZ was based off of? kinda? an yeah a site full of ibanez finatics (not saying that like its a bad thing) could definitly help.
thanks for the info so far guys. your right it sounds awesome. it has great sustain and can really scream
Its a 1994 Ibanez Ghostrider GR520VS, there should be a sticker behind the neck bolt stating its model number. Body is alder with maple top, mahogany neck, set in neck, Ibanez INF pickups. Its made in Korea.
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Wow, that looks nice, might get quite a few dollars outta that!
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[quote="'[Guitar-Noob"]']Wow, that looks nice, might get quite a few dollars outta that!

Yeah but you would have to have rocks in your head to sell it, lovely looking and from what the threadstarter said it sounds good. Why sell?