Bleeding Clouds
('')__@0_-@__('') ???? <<<<


Something told me, to hold away
Something took me all day
So now I, roam, all alone...
In a cloud that lied
Behind her eyes

The blood is flowing now
The rip in my brain is feeling now
The cross of dillagence has left me cold
Now sit down, an watch me grow old

Course 1:

Blinded I Am, by the darkest cloud of pain
Blinded I Am , By one my life is drained
Blinded I Am , to hide away
An watch my life go insane

Verse 2

Cold nights sit me down to long
I see a opening in the wall of my life
Broughten up to feel this, a watering feeling
Something Inside me told me, not to bleeed
Shivering thoughts
Cold Anger, frustration
Shaking down to the hole i have found
in my brain....

So watch the clock on me, fall down to deep
I cant lie to watch you go
just feel me and i will see you flow
through my dreams..

Course 2

Blinded I am, leaving me dramp
Blinded i am, she was colder than a barriel bone
Blinded i am, colded lights that shine away


All, that felt that was gone, is actually here in my arms
holding on too the blood that drips before my eyes
i hold an sit, i cut an bleed an watch the time zipp away
so dont hold me down no more i cant stand this
i will follow you to make you finally exsist....