Okay, So I have Strep Throat and I wanted to write a song about it But I can't think of many lyrics for it so I figured some of you could help me out, I read the rules and the closest thing I could find to not being able to ask for lyrics is asking for music to put to the song. So please just close the thread if this is wrong.

I am planning to record this as soon as I get the lyrics.

I got the strep throat (Insert Blues riff between each line)
You can tell by my voice
I was told to wear my new coat
But I didn't make the right choice

(Insert Blues riff with solo over it here)

I got the strep throat
And I know I can't kiss ya
and for as long as im sick
im sure gonna miss ya

I hate thoes white spots
Those bacteria filled dots
They make me sad
But hey, Chicken soup ain't that bad

My doctor gave me some pills
to chase the dots away
I don't wanna see 'em again
They ruined my day!

So please help me get more ideas for more lyrics, thanks in advance.

EDIT: Should I add random sniffs and coughs for an added effect?
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I don't know about the sniffs, but DON'T share your mic.
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