im not a huge death metal fan but i am tired of the power chord sound so can somebody give me just some tabs for other types of sounds
Uh, not sure what you mean by tabs however to get the "Death Metal" tone you should get a good tube amp, i like the Peavey 5150 or sometimes a JCM. Im not saying you should immediately run out and buy a new amp, but those are some key amps in metal. Some cool scales to use, are the natural minor, harmonic minor, phyrigian, dorian, and not so much in Death Metal but maybe in thrash metal or heavy metal you might use a the pentatonics. It's really up to you.
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Digitech has a pedal called "Death Metal". Maybe that would be up your alley.
just tune your guitar low.. and do alot of galoping and random note picking on the e string
Tremelo Picking Stuff...




Dude, if you listen to Death Metal you just eventually pick it up, and you start learning how to write the riffs, you start hearing whats gonna sound sick and whats gonna be heavy...

Spend like 8 hours everyday blasting the stuff you wanna sound like.
Then Spend the rest of your time getting good enough at guitar that you can play exactly what you want.
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Quote by elohssa
just tune your guitar low.. and do alot of galoping and random note picking on the e string

hehehehehe.................u guys are a scream
If you're looking to achive a death metal sound, the best advice I could possibly give is to tune down. No, I don't mean Drop D. I'm talking Drop C here, a bit of my friends are into death metal and we always discuss guitar techniques and what/how we play. All of em' say they achive their sound in Drop C.

If that doesn't work you could always try to adjust your amp settings and the bass knob (if you have one) on your guitar. Beef up that bass and mids, down those Trebs.

Bass - 10

Mids - 8

Treble - 2

Contour - 10

Reverb - 4-9 (depends, personal preference)

That might head you in the direction of death metal.
Alright, here's what I do-

I usually tune to D or A# play in harmonic minor, or stuff that sounds a bit dissonant (sp?).
Gain, 10. Bass - 6-8 Mids - 10, Treble - 5 Presence - 3, Contour- 6-7
Click myspace in sig, listen to Skull****ed, it uses those settings.

Lots of alternate picking, palm mutes, tapping, squeals.

Learn some easy Cannibal Corpse stuff
Cannibal Corpse - I Cum Blood, Stripped raped and Strangled, etc.
Six Feet Under is fun, learn ya some Carcass. Just listen to the stuff and learn it, try to mimic it, you'll be playing death metal before you know it.
Drop C or Drop B
Use thick ass strings.
Use bigmuff or something like that
Bass 10
Mids 7
Trebs 5
Tone 0
Gain 11

Gallop on bottom 2 strings (yes, 2), start grunting and beating your chest.
Quote by elohssa
just tune your guitar low.. and do alot of galoping and random note picking on the e string

dont need to tune low Opeth most of the time play in standard tuning
Palm mute and tremolo pick the low E string.
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opeth is a great example of pushin the limits of the guitar and to the dude that said get a death metal pedal... dont you dare get one they suck
Cmstar90: i have too lisen to a song for hours just to figure out of one part it sound and how to move my fingers tso that it sounds that way
Cmstar90: when u seem to figure it out in seconds
Actually most of the classic death metal bands never tune lower than C# and it's all standart. No dropped stuff. Try some Obituary first - they're not as fast but have nice riffs.
Also - you're not gonna need a tube amp like your life depends on it. Death used a Marshall Valvestate in the studio and on tour. So get a Randall or Peavey or whatever. About settings - mid scooped tone. This basically means - Bass 6 Mid 0 (or 1-2) Treble 8.

That's basically it - get a damn good drummer and learn to alternate pick fast.
just go look at tabs for bands you like, opeth, lamb of god has wierd ass voicings, cradle of filth bands like that, i dont think hes talking about tuning or sound, but rather what chords hes useing, hes sick of power chords, and wants other voicings. so just go look for them ><
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Well it's a comon misconception that all death metal have their mids to -15, bass to 15 and trebs 10, and then their gain on 14, growling, headbanging, moshing, killing each other, and growling about random dark things like math teachers..
Yeah, all there is to death metal is downtuned guitars and powerchords, no wonder Chuck Schuldiner or Karl Sanders or Muhammed Suicmez are some of the best death metal players, it's just so ****in easy.