nothing "core" about shadows fall at all, like the metal like riffs their vocalist/brian fair sings heavy vocals and when he screams its not like anybody elses at all, it is unexplainable, just listen to them

Stepping Outside the Circle- holy crap!!! how much does brian fair like james hetfield!!! its uncanny!!! great song

your thoughts UG...
Dude, I totally agree on the James Hetfield comment, it's really noticeable on that whole cd. I think The Art of Balance is probably some of their most intense sh*t, awesome songwriting and guitar playing. American thrash metal at its best.
"I'd pick the guitar over the girl. The guitar will scream louder than the girl ever will."
I like them a lot, one of the few "metalcore" bands I like, possibly the only one. Their live show was really what sold me. They were the headliner, but I was going for Agnostic Front. While I still think AF was better, Shadows Fall put on an amazing show. My favorite song was/is "Inspiration On Demand".
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Your point is?

If there is nothing core about them why did you post it here?

cuz i get baned if i dont put it in the 'correct' forum 4 UG