ok well...ive been wanting to learn some songs that are mostly...bass instrumental but also have like...a kickin melody and also smoothing and flowing melody to it

any suggestions?

perferibly songs that i could play WITOUT a drummer or guitarist..
continuum by jaco pastorius

the vision by victor wooten
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^ yeah Jaco stuff is great for that special alone time you need to have with your bass
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Mercy, Mercy, Mercy - Jaco

Anything streetlight manifesto, that guy makes the sickest basslines.
^ I saw Streetlight manifesto live, and have to completly disagree. If I recall properly, their bassist played 100% typical lines of the style, was very plain and not very innovative (not that sticking to the style is wrong, but, I think being a "bass machine" instead of a "bassist" {compare drum machine to drummer and maybe you'll get me} is), and also didn't move around at all during the live show.
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^ live concerts can be deceiving, just a disclaimer. i've seen my share of awesome bass players live, including flea and justin chancellor (tool), and it is definately difficult to pick up on what they're doing in a live atmosphere.

looking at their recorded stuff would actually be a better, u can rewind and junk. it takes atleast 30 listens to really get a proper feel for a song.