Alright, I'm planning on starting up bass guitar because it sounds pretty fun. I'm considering buying a Hamer Slammer Impact since it's pretty cheap and it looks pretty good. But I just want to know if anybody actually owns one or has played one because I think I want to hear a few reviews before actually getting it.
Also, I've been hearing some pretty mixed opinions on playing a bass guitar with a regular amp. Can anybody confirm whether or not I should just skip the christmas presents and ask for a proper bass amp?
Bass guitar needs bass amp. Frequencies! Search pawn shops for some decent used gear if you have the time and are near a city. Never played the Hamer you speak of though.
Ok. I've only played a guitar before so I don't really know much about bass goodies...If I use a bass amp, do I have to get a seperate bass cable or can I just use any regular one?
I own a Hamer Slammer...PLEASE, do not buy it. Yes, it looks cool, but the sound is AWFUL!