hey guys
i was wondering on what strings i should get for my electric..
i mainly play in drop c and people are telling me i need bigger gaged strings for that and stuff
i have no clue
could you give me some advise on what strings i should get
thanks a lot
12-gauge Boomers.

All that I play. (Except that I play in regular tuning, not drop C)
sometimes i go to low tunings and i use ernie ball ' not even slinky' strings, no problem for drop tunings.
this should be in electric guitar

just try a couple of differnt gauges till you found the type that you like to play with most

try either 11 gauge or 12 gauge strings. make is your choice, but i prefer d'addarios
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Check out the string poll in the electric guitar section. It's new, but every vote counts. Keep coming back as the poll will not close.
11 and 12 gauge probably wont do the trick. i used to play in drop B and i had to get a custom set (just from singles at the music store). you may need to get some bass strings for that low and have your nut widened for them.
if u like metal which u prolly do id go with the 10 gauge zakk wyldes becasue its perfect for drop tunings, and it will still allow you to get great sounds if u solo or play the high strings a lot
When I used to play in C, I used these ernie balls that were called heavy bottom skinny top, i know thats not the correct name, but its close. sorry.
go for Zakk Wylde sig Boomers... theyre awesome from drop tuning...especially since the low E is a 60 but this would DEFFINATELY not be used in standard so if u play in standard AND drop C then id go for some brand of 54-11 (or 12) boomers would work well though, thats what i used and they go down to drop A easily
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