When I'm fretting more higher than 12th fret I get like sharp pains on my wrist but its not too painful. Then sometimes the bones just crack and pop, like their being re-alligned or something; but it doesn't really hurt when that happens.

Anyone experience the same thing?

If I was to video tape myself so you guys can maybe help me out with my hand positioning, what angle would be best?

- Behindthe neck ?
- Top view at an angle so you can still see the back of the neck?
- Front ?
- Side ?
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mmm, wrist craps. I like it when the feces comes out

But anyway, what kind of position is your hand in when you fret those notes? A picture my prove useful.
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Sorry about the title. Can't pay attention to what I type right now.

here are the pics... #4 the pains started happening there the most. pics were a bitch to take.

About adjusting the guitar height...I play sitting down so the guitar is on my lap...
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your thumb is at an odd angle try repositioning at and see how it feels and if you think its serious enough go see a doctor
Put your thumb more at the bottom of the neck and give yourself more "slack" with your hand. It's hard to explain, but it looks like you're not giving yourself any opportunity to move your hand around. Angle your hand so your fingers are pointed more down rather than across the frets. Sorry I can't get a picture
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Yeah I got into the habit of keeping my hand at a stationary position and unless I if I have to reach a farther fret then thats the only time I move it... it's hard to make my thumb move in small movements.
try the classical style of holding the guitar when you're sitting instead of on your right leg try the left. better access to the whole neck and better hand position
like said, raise ur guitar. roll ur fretting finger on its side and relax ur thumb.

warm up before u play, and ice the thumb aFTER.

do rubber band stretches and squeeze a tenis ball for strength.

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Your wrist is coqued at a realy sharp angle. Try straightening your wrist out, that way your thumb will naturally move higher on the neck. But make sure you aren't wrapping your thumb over the fretboard.
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How come all the electric guitar players I see on youtube have their guitar on their right leg as opposed to the classic position ?

Is it because classic position looks faggish ?

When I play my acoustic I play is classic form though it feels awkward when I put it on my left leg.