So, I just got home from an Eric Clapton concert in Madison Square Garden.. I have to say, it was AMAZING. He's so great at the guitar. Not only him, but also that Robert Cray guy that's touring him, and his backup guitarists (I wish I knew their names.)

It was great how they took turns guitar soloing. The song lineup was just spectacular. They all gave great performances.

The message of this thread is.. Go to Clapton concerts while he's still alive and kickin'! I promise you, you won't regret it.
I'm pretty sure the back up guitarist was Derek Trucks, and, yes, he is amazing, along with Clapton and Cray. I had a chance to go to the concert here in MN, but just didn't have the $ to shell out. What songs did they do?
I would give a lot of things up to go see a Clapton concert.

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yeah clapton cray and trucks are all AMAZING. what id give to go to that concert...
what songs did they do?
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Eric Crapton... hahah... no clapton is cool though.
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yea i saw him in austria, didnt regret it. amazing line up, amazing guitarists. did you see how one of his guitarists was playing left handed with a guitar strung for right handers, as in his low e was close to his waist and the high e was up by his chest. that really entertained me, it was very interesting
I saw him in manchester, he plays perfect yes, but he is just soulless. I was thoroughly let down. But its to be expected his new album is shit.

I would much rather have watched an hour of Robert cray, who i thought was amazing.
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oh yes, i am going to the one in orlando on the 20th, what songs did he play and how long was the show?
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I saw Clapton in Sweden this summer, and it was rather fantastic, he doesn't speak very much though :P, I don't think he said anything but introducing people who played solo, and sang of course. And the second guitarist who plays Albert King style is Doyle Bramhall II.

If you go see him, be sure to check out the drummer, that guy is purely amazing.
What is this, like the fourth thread about some kid who went to a Clapton concert? Use the search button for god's sakes.



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ClappedOut should be supporting Cray and Trucks, not the other way around!
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"that one guy who backed him"....


Robert Cray owns Clapton. As does Derek Trucks.
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I'm going to see him on Tuesday at the Garden in Boston. I absolutely can't wait. And you say Derek Trucks is there? That will totally complete a great night if he is
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noway i'm seeing him in boston too on tuesday i can't wait
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Clapton and Trucks, that's not fair
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It's be great to see him with Cream, but I don't like his solo stuff that much, it's a bit weak.
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I'm pretty sure the back up guitarist was Derek Trucks, and, yes, he is amazing, along with Clapton and Cray. I had a chance to go to the concert here in MN, but just didn't have the $ to shell out. What songs did they do?

hey another minnesota UGer! i didnt have the cash for that show either. i wish i did though.