Hi, I just have a simple question about tapping on this one song. It goes

9t2 9t2 9t2 9t2 and so on. I have no problem with tapping but this one just isn't working for me it's like when I pull off of the 9 I can't here the 2 it just sounds empty like I don't have my finger onthe 2 at all, and yes It is on the 2 fret =) Anyways, any suggestions would be appreciated.
well, just like a pull-off, make sure you don't just lift off your finger from the string.
you have to pull down or away while lifting to kind of make the tapped note sound.
that way, the note you are pulling off to will sound much better
Th's notated funny, your gonna want to tap 9 and pul off from 9 to 2 and repeat. That is the only thing that makes sense.

When you pull off when tapping pull the finger your tapping with down a bit with out bending the string, kinda like a mini little pick stroke and you should get a bit of a ping that strengthens the note that it's pulling off to.
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Yes thats what I thought but it still isn't sounding completly right, I mean, I have no trouble when it comes to 3 note tabs but this is just weird for me, it's like instead of the note being heard on the second fret it just sounds open.=( because when I to the tapping and then I just don't hold the 2 it still sounds the same. But, I'll guess I'll keep trying it.

Yeah I know I wrote it oddly but it saved time I guess lol
I can't really think of what would make that sound bad. I recommend putting a third note in, cos tapped triplets just sound better.