This is more than just words on a screen
Silhouttes of liars, for the people they scream
His love is still there but your hands so far away
Wake up before its too late, before your dismay

Liar, Faker shout His name
Jump high in accordance, Jump low in your vain
There is no dividing line, This room is not real
Fingers to the ceiling, Thats not what it feels

The speakers they shout His care
For those who dont, He will not dare
The faithless have fallen
The world is swept clean
The music's still playing
This is not another scene

Liar, Faker shout his name
Sunk far for belief, Sunk more in pain
Ashes to ashes the fire marches on
Consuming the masses, Forms an idol con.
Scream it at the masses.
ahhhh thts amazing tylerr-ur amazing- though u already know tht and i already told u but w/e ill tell u again lol

this thing is pretty cool =]