So me and a good mate of mine have got tickets to go to the show down in London on Saturday! We both really love Lifetime so hopefully it's gonna be an awesome show. Anyone else in the UK going? Or to any of the other dates? Anyone recently seen them play?
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Lifetime is great. If you like them, check out Dan Yemin's other bands. I'm in the US, so no chance of going to that show.
Great band. Very influencial.
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Is it true that there putting a new record out. I heard they signed to put out a record on the lable that the fall out boy's singer started. I could be losing my mind tho. Incredible band.
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Yeah, the last I heard about that they were actually recording it. So hopefully that's true. And yeah they're on that Decadance label I think it's called.
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I saw them at SXSW last year and it was great, they have a new 7" coming soon which I'm really exicited about.