hi all!!
i started soloing lately (according to the correct riffs) but all it turns out is blues!! i wondered how can i invent rock solos... tnx
at first,lern rock solos,see how they do it,and rip off a lick and make your own one,not exactly the same one,fill other notes in etc etc..
learn pentatonic scales
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Look, Rock & Metal solos are essentially Blues.
So, it's more or less about the licks you play, either you play blues Licks, or you play rock n roll licks.
Also, you might want to adjust the Backing Tracks for your playing.

Now, as an example. Angus Young is playing rock solos, with a bluesy feel, now that's Bluesrock solos. Correct me if i am wrong.
So consider what you're striving to play.

AC/DC - You shook me all night long = Bluesrock Solo
Pearl Jam - Alive = Rock Solo.
I think i have answered your question, or perhaps i did not read it accurate enough.
Study both Angus Young and Mike McCready from Pearl, and you will probably see the difference.

yea, definitely pentatonics. Learn some alice in chains solos. not too hard and it'll give you some idea of how to use them. I would suggest man in the box or them bones.
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