I like the little that I've heard from them.
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Is their many fans here?

ARE THERE many fans here

and you're from england? isn't that where english originated from?

and to answer your question, i used to get rise against and rage against the machine mixed up because they abbreviated rage against.

Heard of them,

Don't like either of them.
I love the new song 'Ready To Fall' its awesome. I havent heard any of the older stuff bit i like what i heard off their myspace.
I love Rise Against.
But I believe there's already around three threads on them between here and the pop-punk forum. And they seem to get more responses over there.
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Yer, Rise Againsy are awesome
I own every rise against album

What are there, like three?

Anyway, I've tried to get into Rise Against, but I really don't like them. And the newer stuff DEFINITELY has no place here.
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What are there, like three?

Theres four .

And I really enjoy there oldest of the three ablums, I dont like wahts on the new one.
yeah, rise against is pretty much my favorite band...theyve really changed their sound from the unraveling though, back then it was more hardcore than it is now, and now its more melodic and smooth, not as raw as it was before. but i still love them.

the new one i really like besides for ready to fall (the single), the spoken word song (which completely scared me when i first heard it) and the slow song.

but yeah, rise against kicks ass
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