Im looking into buying a Marshall JCM2000 DSL401 and an ESP LTD M400(I want a floyd guitar thats good for metal). I play mostly Metal but I also play quite a bit of Rock such as AC/DC and Led Zeppelin will this set up the amp mainly be good for these sounds. I already have an Ibanez SZ320 and if i upgrade the pups then it will be better for the rock stuff. So is this a good choice in gear. If there is other stuff that is good and similar any suggestions would be cool. I dont really want to spend any more than £1000.
Sounds pretty good considering your set up at the mo no offence, mine isnt that good either. The dsl has great classic rock overdrives all the way up to a lovely compressed smooth bottom end metal all out distortion. Abou th esp, good idea, but why not look at a more top of the range 'nez, there necks are beautifully fast.

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