Hey everyone

Im 15 and have my guitar exam coming up, and i need somthing good to play . not somthing realy hard but somthing thts easy mto play and sounds brill.

I can play sweet child o mine ( i get stuck half way through the solo)
erm james boned
sweet home alabama

thts just a couple of songs i can play.

i need help guys lol
Is it only you and your guitar or will you have some backing musicians?
choose something sligtly beyond your ability and practise it until its perfect.
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fade to black is quite easy so is nothing else matters or even stairway to heaven
yh id like to play a good song with a crack'in solo but i dont want to screw up
Just rock all out on Nightrain by Guns N' Roses. The rhytm parts will get the flow going and the solo sounds great although it's quite easy to learn.

And if you're into Guns N' Roses, why not do the Godfather theme? It's not that hard and it sounds fabolous. Some good tabs of it here.
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^^ Good suggestions above. The last part of the Godfather Theme by Slash is quite fast and sounds impressive, but it's not overly complicated.
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You should learn the chords to hotel california lol, it's really easy, and if you add in little fills here and there it sounds rad.
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You guys have guitar exams O_o
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You guys have guitar exams O_o

yes im doing Classical Guitar for my studys in YR 11 and YR 12 fun indeed gotta play 5 songs over the whole year and 10 songs over both 2 years but have to be no more than 2 songs from the same style