Hey i have been playing the guitar for about 4 and half years now and i was thinking about picking up a bass guitar just so that i have another instrument that i can play? I found a pretty rough round the edges bass for £85 and i was wondering what people think. Should i buy and learn on a **** bass or should i spend a little more on a decent bass? Any views would be much appreciated!

P.S I am a student so dont have loads of money to spend.
^SX is usually a good choice for value basses, but he probably lives in the UK, considering he uses Pounds as currency.

Therefore: Im pretty sure thats AROUND 150-200 american? you should be able to get a decent used or new low end bass, and being a guitarist, you should be able to pick out something pretty good anyway. So i'd say keep looking, cause if its a pretty crap looking used instrument for not such a low price... you know.
I would go to stores near you and just try out some used basses they have in your proce range and a starter amp that fits your fancy. Its better to get a bass that is decent then *** but, looks aren't everything. Shipping might also rack up the $$ a bit, so be careful of eBay and such.
Hey thanks for all the replies. When i say it is rough round the edges it still has a good finish but the scratch pad is worn and one of the nobs is missing (not that that would be difficult to fix) but i really liked the vibe from it. I think it was an SX at least it looked like one does anyone know any good second hand stores in Leeds or MK / Aylsbury? Thanks again!