Ok, i'm planning to get a new guitar since my sucky guitar makes the strings very seperate from the fretboard making it easier to hit random notes and i obviously need more pressure than guitar with normal distance from strings to fret...tapping doesn't sound true, (sounds like false notes but still sounds) and each time i go to a friends house who's got a guitar and tap or do pull offs with it and hammer ons it sounds perfect although he has a sucky guitar too, the only diffrence is that his strings are closer to his fret. I also found it easier playing on his guitar than on mine.
The other day a friend came and told me my strings were TOO seperate to the fret.
Is there apossible way to get myh strings closer to the fret? And what are the advantages of playing on a guitar with it's strings not too far from the fret??
obvious disadvantage with lower action would be that there is less sustain but that isnt a huge issue if you like to cram as many notes in a second. anyway what guitar is this on?
really? I didnt know action affected sustain, why does it affect it?
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What is plexi? Do you mean a guitar made out of plexiglass?
try adjusting your truss rod. make sure you know what your doing, though. its easy to mess up your guitar if you dont.
It's called action, and you can adjust it very easily. However, I'd suggest being taught by somebody the first time you do it.