Okay guys I was just wondering what in your opinion is the most influencial band of all time would be here are just a few ideas that I think had a huge influence on music.
1. Beatles
2. Led Zeppelin
3. Black Sabbath
4. The Rolling Stones
5. The Sex Pistols
6. Nirvana
7. Anthrax

1. The Beatles
2. The Velvet Underground
3. Public Enemy
4. Black Sabbath
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1.Black sabbath
2.Led Zeppelin

Thats what i think
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Nirvana is right you ****ing idiot. Just because they where not very good at writing talented songs they had a huge influence in the 90's and they still do. But yeah anthrax no. public enemy ****ed. I'm not a Nirvana fan but I'm not ignorant enough to know that they are not a big influence on modern rock music.
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Velvet Underground
Sex Pistols
Black Sabbath
Husker Du (particularly for Zen Arcade)
Deep Purple
The Who

This is not necessarily in order and is missing some notable bands I'm sure.
heres wat i think

1) Led Zeppelin
2) Black Sabbath
3) The Who
4) Ramones
6) Mettalica
7) Queen
8) Sex Pistols
9) Nirvana
10)Iron Maiden
Artists that were most significant to the development of the music I listen to are prooobably:

1) Dream Theater
2) Yngwie Malmsteen
3) Joe Satriani
4) Jimi Hendrix
5) Steve Morse

I think those bands/artists combined had the biggest positive effect on the music I like,.
Sonic Youth, Foo Fighters, The Beatles....
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