Heres my story

My dad paid £239 (Irish Pounds equiilant to almost ?1500 now I guess) 23 years ago for a Mikado Guitar

I cant find aything on this company for Guitars and I want to know if they still exist
I would Like to get one of my own as it has the BEST tone I have ever heard on a guitar and that is no word of a lie it is orgasmic

SO has any of you ever heard of this company
Well if its solid top it might sound like that because solid tops sound better over time and well thats over alot of time. I played a guitar from 17 years ago and it sounded so good and it was a piece of crap company the guitar shop owner said but because solid top sounds better over years it sounds nice.
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You might try checking the HarmonyCentral.com user reviews forum to see if you can find any info.
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I have a mikado guitar that i bought in Dempseys music shop on Parnell Street in 1986. I paid 189 irish pounds for it back then and I have to agree that the sound and tone are fabulous. I have recently taken it out from storage and returned to lessons after a 15 year absence from playing.
The guitar is strange, having a solid top, rosewood body and a mahogany neck t think, it is the mk 250 model. They were made in Taiwan of quite high quality, but obviously never got a foothold in the market and disappeared.
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i could imagine that it sounds really deep but sort of got a nice ring to it
i said it was a rosewood body but its mahogany, an obvious difference but wasn't thinking at time of post. put a fishman naturel 2 pickup into it since, sounds great through amp. owner of perfect pitch shop off grafton street thinks it may have been made by the cort company in taiwan who are now making top class accoustics through their parkwood range. the new ones look very similar. anyhow mines a keeper aswell and attracts very favourable comments from all who have played it
I'm probably a bit late but I was googling 'mikado guitar' as I have owned one since 1982, bought for IR£110 in Waltons, Parnell Sq. I have played many more expensive guitars since and alot were not near as good. Lovely action, lovely tone. I recently had the heads replaced as well as the nut. it has taken some abuse but is still good. I have often looked at upgrading but then think, why?. I'd have to spend a hell of a lot for a better tone.