i have never put strings on my guitar, that i have had for 6 months, and i took a look at them today, and ther just plain nasty, what kind strings should i get?

i have a silvertone revolver ~strat copy~
it depends do u like heavier strings or lighter strings?i play ernie ball regular slinky and they are pretty heavy but i like em so yeh
.09 sound too... dodgy to me. I use either .10's or .11's. You get a lot better sound and the strings last longer
get hybrid slinkys, all the right sizes where they need to be
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Well I always use Ernie Balls, they stay bright for along time.
Dean Markleys or Ernie Balls. If you're playing in E Standard (EADGBE) Then I recommend either the Dean Markley 2503B NickelSteel Regular Electric Guitar Strings or the Ernie Ball 2221 Nickel Regular Slinky Electric Guitar Strings. Both are 46-36-26-17-13-10 Gauge low to high. I prefer the Markley's but Ernie Ball aint bad either.