Hey, i'm planning to get a guitar thats no more than 1000 dollars I can't decide, just a few months ago i wanted to get this ESP les paul black for 700 dollars but now i'm not so sure to get that one.
My fav guitarist is John Petrucci, i love his tone, i play a bit dream theater, john petrucci's solo album, much of metallica, pantera, some zeppelin and stuff
I don't know if that Les Paul has a suitable tone for what i play, i think it is, but just wanted to ask if theres a better guitar than that les paul that's worth less than 1000 dollars.
I tried the les paul, i loved it but anyways, what guitar is mostly suitable for the music i play?
Petrucci used Ibanez so you should start by looking at those.
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i found petruccis signature guitar somewhere for 500-700 dollars
if u wanted an esp my ec400 was a bit less than 900 canadian (its the les paul shape)
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buy an epiphone sg they sound very good
i use one i play prog metal
and power metal
like dream theater and opeth
then i play king diamond and the guitar can hit pantera-esque nothes to
i payed 300$ for it on musicians friend its a epiphone goth sg its incredible
You can get a used Barebones petrucci for 1000 (barebones as in no JP inlay, no matching h/s, no peizo pickups)