I hope you can take some constructive criticism Josh. Essentially you have an alright song, but correct me if I'm wrong but there were a few times where you slipped out of time. The beginning guitar sound is a bit boring, but the dual guitar part was pretty cool. I'm sure that when you find some lyrics for it it will be quite good.
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frankie..there aint no lyrics to get the title from mate..lol shoulda listened to the song Yeah..agree with monkfish..the bass is well..its as if its to fast for you and you cant keep up..sorry but thats what its like

Anyways a title for that song..Until Tomorrow..dunno why but ah well

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Well the single string part then..seemed pretty low so thought high notes on the bass..still lol Yeah I liked the general rhythm and with lyrics the single string part ( the bass part I thought ) would be a good way to break down the song

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