Ok, so im restringing my BC rich warlock, i take off al the strings, and all of a sudden...My bridge starts moving, so i have a look. And it just falls off. Now i am no good at this sort of stuff, So can anyone help me As to what i do? How do i put it back on?

Theres 2 bid screws on each side...Then the is 2 small ones on the back of it. Please can anyone help?
i think it might be a floating bridge,
you should should take it to a shop they'll put it on and retstring it for you, for a price of course. which wont be too expensive.
and in future dont take all the strings off at once cos thats what happens.
if it isnt a floating bridge, then take it to the shop anyway and they'll have a look at it for you
Ok, so i dont need to tighten anything up? It will be ok once i put strings back on?
its a tune o matic its supposed to do that just put it back on the strings hole it down.

dont go to a shop, theyll laugh at you
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