On TC Electronics site it says...

Changing your sound from a crisp clean dry rhythm sound to an overdriven lead sound, will often involve channel switching of your preamp or combo in addition to changing your effects preset.

To be able to switch amp-channels via MIDI the investment of a separate MIDI switching system is often implied. This is NOT the case when you own a G?Major. With the built in Relay Switching on the G?Major you are able to switch between up to 4 channels on you Preamp/Combo.'

Can someone with experience in using this type of set up and rig please explain how I would set this up. eg. how I would make the lead or if I could buy a lead that goes from the one relay output to four of the external switching options on my dual recto. I didnt find the manual very clear. Thanks very much,

it depends what kind of connection your amp uses, I'm not sure on the DR. If it's one connection for each channel, you will only get 2 switching options. The channel switcher shorts tip to ground or ring to ground. You can split this with a stereo to 2 mono ends y cable, so it shorts either tip to ground. This will activate the channel for each tip. In order to be able to switch 4 channels, the channel selector must use "open" as one channel, and "closed tip to ground" as the other, so it's a toggle between the channels on each input.
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ah i see, thats very helpful. yeah, its one connection for each channel. If i go straight from relay to an amp channel it automatically goes to channel 2. So once I assign channel 1 to ring and channel 3 to tip and leave the patches for channel two blank do you reckon i'll be able to switch between the 3 channels?
So you mean splitting the cable, so it activates channel 1 and 3 by shorting either tip, and then hoping that when both tips are open, it defaults to channel 2? hmm, that's interesting, I'm not sure, but I'd like to hear how it works!
"The fool doth think he is wise, but the wiseman knows himself to be a fool." - W.S.
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