Ok, so i've been trying to find ways to record a song, and someone told me to get a cable that converts my guitar cable into a mic that plugs into the cpu. well, i've been looking for that, but i have also been wondering about maybe getting one of these, but are these used to record songs and upload them to your cpu? here's the link for the device, and could you tell me what they're called and how they're used? thanks

It's a 4-track recorded, often called a 4 track. It's definitely good enough for low-end recording, which I assume you want to do. It can record 4-tracks at a time, so if you wanna jam with some friends then you can. You don't need a computer to use this, but when you have everything recorded and mixed to your liking on the 4 track you can upload it to your computer to put it on the internet or whatever.

You should get something like that, much better than plugging the guitar into your sound card.
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