I am getting a new acoustic. What do you guys recommend? I need something that I can take anywhere and probably get banged around but doesn't break the bank.
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If you want something to beat up, just go to a pawn shop and buy the cheapest thing they got. Thats what I did. I got a Bentley. Put some ductape on the holes in it, taped a tuner to it and the thing gets me by. I leave it in my car. Throw it around. Never have to worry about it.
My Gear:
Gibson SG special (W/ S.D. Jazz(N) & JB (B))
Mesa-Boogie Solo Triple Rec. (with EL-34's)
Boss DD-6 Digital Delay
Boss TU-2 Chromatic tuner
(what else do i need)

Where i work:
I won't argue w/the pawnshop idea. I've bought most of the guitars I've owned in pawnshops and IMO there can be GREAT deals found in them. IF you know your stuff. People pawn alot of stuff because there's something wrong it and you need to be able to check it out and know what to look for.
So how much are you looking to spend? There are some "decent" guitars in the new market for $100. to $150.
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