Okay, first off this isn't very long becaue I didn't feel like taking forever to do this. I know this isn't how the solo goes in the song, but I just tried to improv some **** since I didn't feel like learning it. Just from me listening to it, I can tell that I have a few timing issues, and a little bit of an intonation problem, but maybe you guys can tell me what you like about this and what you didn't like? I'll C4C too.

Also, I'm not happy with how my tone came out in this. It sounds stagnant and scratchy in this recording, whereas in real life it is luscious and smooth. What I did to record was take a Shure SM84(or 85, not sure), plug it into my sound card, and just let it sit on a chair in front of my cranked amp. Bad idea or good idea?

Link: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=608021
well first off its not bad...definetly not a solo that would make anyones jaw drop but at least you played it right?? keep practising solo work from the minor penitonic scale....start practicing certain chops from certain players, and make your own chops too.. tone isnt that great but you already pointed that out...
basicly evey thing i was gonna say you already said...you gave yourself critisizm...but none the less good job nd eep practising, you are on the right path.......

now i ask of you plz crit my singing, i have only been singing for a couple weeks so keep that in mind and tell me what you think...

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I'll critique your singing, but I'm not an expert by any means.

I already dropped like $100 on that mic, I was under the impression that if you put that much money down on a mic that you could at least capture the sound a little better than that.
I prefer plugging my bass/guitar directly into the computer, but if you are using a mic, I would suggest having it a bit farther away and not cranked up full volume because that can max out the EQ and cause scratchyness.

The tone sounds alright to me though. The scratch fits the song.

As for the solo, (good choice BTW, one of my top 3 favorite solos) I think it is a good start. You did a good job following the progression. As it went a long, there were fewer "clashing" notes, which is a good sign. The beginng note sounds out of tune, which was my biggest problem because it gives the impression that this is a bogus solo if it starts out bad, but good job overall.

C4C: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=440663