ok ive been in a band for a year and we recently picked up a good friend of mine as a second guitar. long story short he isnt what we want and i need to kick him out. but he takes things personaly and is a very good friend some one please help!!
ahh. now that we're in the correct forum.

Simply tell him, "You aren't what we thought the band needed and we feel it would be best if you stopped coming to rehearsal."
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Hit this once or twice, and you'll be twice as nice.
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Be straightforward, don't be an a$$hole, don't be condescending and have a heart.

"Me and the guys feel that your particular style of playing isn't what we're looking for at the moment. You're a great player, but it's just not the sound we're after."

I take it it's his playing style that doesn't suit your band. If you're giving him the boot because of personality or appearence issues then you're probably in some metrosexual pop-punk band and your band probably sucks, in which case he'll be better off without you.
Tell him really nicely that he's a good player and friend, but he doesn't really fit the band's style of music. Or try and change his style to fit the band.