I'm having real trouble setting the level for effects send and mix on my mesa dual recto. I seem to lose alot of sound quality no matter what I do with my G Major. Individual pedals like my DD-3 and CH-1 are not too bad. Its more when I move into rack gear the problem occurs. Read all manuals many times, wondering if anyone here with experience in it could help us out a bit. Cheers

You sure have quite the equipment collection there Jake.

I beleive the Mesa Dual Recto head has controls for the mix level for the fx loop. Make sure that is where you want it.

What exactly do you have on your rack?
lose quality as far as volume, or the fx themselves? Since you have a parallel loop already, you would want the G-Major working in serial mode, so it's not creating another parallel loop. Then make sure your send level on the amp and the input level on the G-Major are both set high enough, where it's not clipping but still giving a strong signal. I would try the manuals settings on the amp first, try 1:00 for the send and wet mix levels, then adjust the G-Major input and output controls so they are both reading good levels without clipping. Then adjust the wetmix on the amp from there.
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Just max it out dude. Thats when they sound the best.............j/k.
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Have you checked all the power supplies on your pedals? I was having a problem with mine the other day, and I changed the batteries and it fixed it. You might also want to try changing the order you have them in.
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